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FAQ's - Umpiring
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1. How do I know which side of the court I should be umpiring on?

  Before the start of the game, Umpires must toss a coin to decide who covers which side of the court. You then always umpire the end to your right.

2. In our game last night both the WA and the WD repeatedly went offside simultaneously from the centre pass but neither umpires penalised the players. Shouldn't the players have been made to take a toss-up?
  If neither player interfered with the centre pass i.e. the ball was caught/touched by other players in the centre third, then the umpires were correct to play advantage as neither player was interfering with play. If either player touched the ball then a toss-up should have been awarded.

3. I am looking to get an umpire to umpire for me, what should i do?
  All umpires along with their contact numbers are listed in the umpire directory in the fixture book, if you are struggling to find cover please contact the umpiring secretary.

4. Am I allowed to umpire another team from my club (associated)?
  No an umpire may not umpire another team they are associated with, and umpire must not agree to umpire a game they can't unless a swap that has been agreed by the umpiring secretary has been pre-arranged.

5. What is an independent umpire?
  This is any umpire that is not a player within your team.

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